Belgian beer importer and retail shop Ohtsuki in Osaka Japan

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glazen toren
Ohtsuki is the importer of Kleinbrouwerij de Glazen Toren

glazen toren
no.1 bottle shop in Osaka




zipcode 564-0001
Belgian beer shop Ohtsuki 5-10-35, kishibekita, Suita city, Osaka prefecture
phone +81-06-6387-9178

drinking alcohol is prohibited by law in case you are under 20 years old.

We open partially the website written in English!!

We Ohtsuki are an independent Belgian beer imoprter and retail shop in Osaka.
We have had our own homepage only in Japanese.
Happily, many foreigners have come to our shop.
So we decide to open new page in English.
We hope this page will be helpful for your good beer life!!

Great Belgian beers. Lambic, Trappist, Quadruple and more!!

This is the Belgian beer list that Ohtsuki can offer you. Please click the button and check!

Each mark on the list means the conditions about stock. The price does not include consumer tax.

mark○ circle△ triangle× cross
meaningin stockjust a litteout of stock

Power recommend!!

We have introduced great Belgian beers to enthusiasts. Now our recommends are the beers from Brouwerij De Ranke!
These pictures above show the building,a tanks and hops. Years ago, we shot them when we visited the brewery.
Please enjoy the great flavors and taste. Have a good beer life!!

How to order / inquiry

Please check out "Belgian beer list" on the block above. The list is what we can offer you now. You can order the beers from us on this website. I am afraid that the detail of each beer is linked to the original catalog written in Japanese now. When you order me the beers or ask a question, send me an e-mail below;

Please feel free to ask us because our staff can understand English. It is better to send us an e-mail than to call.

When you order, please write to us like this.

mail title: beer order
the name of beer, liquid volume, amounts (for example; hoegarrden wit, 250ml, 3 bottles)
your name
address and zip code
phone number (cellular phone available)
e-mail address
time you can accept beers at (please select the zone; am, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18, 18-20, 20-)


mail title: beer order
hoegaarden wit 250ml 3 bottles
duvel 750ml 1 bottle
chimay red 330ml 2 bottles

Ohtsuki Taro
zipcode 564-0001
5-10-35 kishibekita Suita city Osaka

After checking out if the beers are in stock, we will send a mail which also says the total cost of your order. In receiving the beers, please pay the money to the delivery man.

Attention! Be sure to read the sentences before you order!

The delivery fee is charged on each carton. In case you order us 2 cartons, the fee is double.
The delivery is "cash-on-delivery post" only and the fee is charged on your cost. Even if you order us many cartons, the fee of "cash-on-delivery" is just only one.
To keep beers in good condition, we use a low temperature delivery system and the fee is charged on each carton.
Credit card is not available.
In Japan, consumer tax is 8%. The tax is not included in the beer price.
So, the total cost has to be paid by cash and is consisted of "beers", delivery fee, low temperature delivery system fee, cash-on-delivery charge and 8% consumer tax.
The beers are ordinarily delivered in 3 or 4 days unless we have too many orders.
We can not deliver the beers abroad. Only in Japan.

How many bottles in one carton?

We can offer you just only one bottle. But the delivery fee is same as the full carton. See the table below. If you want to order 6 of 750ml and 12 of 330ml, no problem in one carton.

liquid volume250ml330ml375ml 750ml1500ml3000ml
maximum number in one carton3024241231

How much are the fees?

・delivery fee(see the first table below)

・the fee of "cash-on-delivery"(300yen)

・low temperature delivery system fee(see the other table below)

・consumer tax 8%

The three fees above and tax are added to your order.

region prefecture fee (tax not included)
Hokkaido Hokkaido 1143yen
Noth Tohoku Aomori, Akita, Iwate 800yen
South Tohoku Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima 800yen
Kanshinetsu Ibaragi, Tochigi, Gumma, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Tokyo, Yamanashi, Niigata, Nagano 640yen
Hokuriku, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Shizuoka, Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tottori, Shimane 540yen
Shikoku, Kyushu Kagawa, Tokushima, Ehime, Kohchi, Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Ohita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima 640yen
Okinawa Okianwa and other islands 1143yen

about "low temperature delivery system"

When it is over 25 degrees celcius outside, Ohtsuki always delivers you the beers with the low temperature delivery system in order to keep them in a good condition.
The fee varies by weight. In case a carton is under 15 kg, the fee is 200yen + 8% consumer tax. In case of over 15 kg, 611yen + 8% consumer tax.
Special discount: in case that total amount of your beer order without any fees is over 12000yen, Ohtsuki pays 200yen, which is a part of the low temperature delivery system.